You Have To Drink The Fat

My sister-in-law, Jessica, who is 12 years younger than me, is a Friends fanatic.

You know “Friends”, the network television show that featured six highly caffeinated twenty-somethings all living in unrealistically large apartments in NYC while working very little.

She loved that show. So much so that she may have plastered her childhood bedroom with magazine pages featuring photos of all the characters. So much so that on her first ever trip to the hair salon she might have requested “The Rachel”. So much so that she may have named her dog Phoebe.

She is still into Friends to a high enough degree that, on a recent visit to NYC, she and my wife went to the “Friends Experience” – a half museum, half interactive tour celebrating all things about this mid-90s phenomenon.

In preparation for this event, my wife started watching past episodes of Friends which are so ubiquitous that you have surely zoomed by three reruns as you flipped from MTV’s Ridiculousness to HBO’s Euphoria last Thursday night.

And since I live in a fairly small apartment, what my wife watches is also what I watch.

During this trip down memory lane I was reminded of one particular episode where the nebbishy Ross – who was “on again” in his constant on again/off again on-screen romance with Jennifer Aniston – really ticks off Aniston’s Rachel while she is getting ready to attend a gala where Ross is set to receive an award.

Rachel refuses to go.

Ross pleads.

Rachel says she’ll go on one condition. Ross has to drink a glass full of fat which is basically meat and oil renderings from a dish that Chef Monica – another one of the roommates – created.

If you haven’t seen it, just picture 8 ounces of liquid nastiness.

Ross does what any good boyfriend dating way outside his pay grade would do – he agrees to drink the fat.

And just as it’s about to hit his lips, Rachel stops him and melts over the fact that he was going to actually go through with it to show his devotion to her while the other Friends lament that they didn’t get to see it happen.

I’m the first to recognize that Ross is definitely a bit of a doofus but I want to go on record here to say – I fucking love people who are willing to drink the fat.

People so loyal to others or driven to a goal they will do anything in their power to show that loyalty to make that vision become a reality.

I’m ride or die. I’m really attracted to other people who are as well.

The key character trait of loyalty is belief. It is nearly impossible to be loyal to something or someone that you don’t believe in. But when you do believe – there is no more powerful a force and driver of your success.

It is often said that full dedication to a mediocre training program will yield better results than approaching the most beautifully designed program with a head full of doubt. And I’ve seen this prove itself to be true many times over.

I’ve mentioned this in the past but it is worth restating – feel free to be very skeptical when choosing a gym or a coach or a training program. Do the research, take the tour, vet it all out until you are as convinced as possible that you are making the absolute best choice for your goals and situation.

But once you do that, go all in. Drink the fat.

And yes, it’s important not to be blind. To reassess your decisions every so often to insure that you are still making the right one. That you still believe.

But doubting and fighting every step of the way will actually hamper your results. There is a fine line between reasonable skepticism and resistance.

I implore you to give this a try. Whether in our gym or your own gym or work or wherever you want to give it a shot. Maintain an attitude of unwavering belief for a month, or two months or 6 months or whatever you feel comfortable committing too. Put the posters on the wall. Get the haircut. Drink the fat.

Sure, there is a chance that you could get burned. But you could also end up with Jennifer Aniston as your girlfriend.

Seems to be worth the risk.