We’re Trying Something New

Sitting on my desktop are a lot of half-written blog posts. One is about my knee injury. Another is about the challenges of being authentic. I’ve got three great paragraphs defending, of all people, Tracy Anderson (it was more about defending her prices here in the New York City market, but it was still provocative).

Truthfully, I just haven’t had the desire to finish them. It’s not that I don’t think that they are good or important or that they’ll be well read. After 40 or so full artlcle-length blog posts written this year I just got tired of the sound of my own voice. How many Froning jokes, Bieber references and photo captions about my love of donuts will you, my dear audience, tolerate before you get bored and move on (hopefully, very, very many because they will all be back shortly).

But, right now, we are going to try something different. Actually, two things. The first is that we are going to hear from a different voice, Kyle’s. Secondly, it’s a video. We’re actually starting to shoot more videos around the facility, particularly one’s asking our members to discuss various aspects about their experiences at the Fort. If you want to see what we have so far, you can find them on our YouTube channel. The videos (this one included) are shot on my iPhone. They are edited by me. The sound is crappy (although we were gifted a microphone which has helped). I’m no Scorsese.

If you can get past all that (I’m talking to you, you overly-critical-one-semester-of-film-school-attending-son-of-a-bitch) you’ll get to what we think is the important stuff. Why a well organized training program, tight-knit community and consistency and effort can have a huge impact on your health, strength, body composition and life outside the gym.

Without further ado, here’s Kyle.

Again, don’t worry. I’ll be back with some long-format, overly emotional blogs on music, movies and training minutia really soon.

I’ve already got a bunch of them half started.