The Paralyzing Effect of Scarcity

I have a confession to make.

I have an untouched, completely unworn pair of Air Jordans sitting in a box in my closet. They’ve been in there for nearly 3 years now

I got this particular pair on clearance from Nike’s website and they were about half the price that Jordan’s typically run. You never see red, black and white Jordans on sale, so I impulsively bought them. They’re awesome.

check out these beauties

As much as I love Jordans, I’m not a collector. I feel about sneakers the same way I feel about guitars. They are meant to be enjoyed. To be worn and played, respectively.

Recently, I’ve thought a lot about why those Jordans are sitting in my closet and not on my feet, and I can only come up with one answer.

I’m scared.

For those of you who haven’t experienced this, being a small business owner – particularly one that is self-funded and doesn’t take on venture capital – is, for lack of a more interesting term, challenging.

The only true way forward is through loads of failures and setbacks. And while that is exhilarating and thrilling and exciting it’s also, well, scary.

And, most critically, it can lead to the deadliest of mindsets. The mindset of scarcity.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve fallen into this trap over the lifespan of the business. That we don’t have enough money, or clients, or staff members, or training spots, or equipment, or opportunities for growth, or time, or probably one hundred other things.

It’s not as if those concerns haven’t been valid. We’ve been close to, on top of and over the brink of all issues at one point or the other. And we’ve certainly needed to be aware and proactive about addressing potential and real problems.

But being in a constant state of fear has not served me well. And it won’t serve you, either. In fact, it’s the quickest path to the bottom. And, as I discovered, it’s the reason you keep a perfectly great pair of sneakers hidden away in your closet.

This leads me to one of my favorite things about our gym: I have surrounded myself with achievers. People who aren’t settling. Who are pushing themselves forward. People who are dreamers. Who are unstoppable and unreasonable in their pursuit of self improvement and progress. People who are focused on what can be rather than what is holding them back.

There is no way to invest and engage in training like this without that drive. To pursue abundance without the fear of scarcity.

As much as the training and culture and zeitgeist of the gym is designed to attract these types of people I am describing, it’s also a perfect circle. We couldn’t be this type of facility without the members who also participate in this mindset.

Which is my long-winded way of saying thank you. I appreciate all of you for setting the courageous example that I strive to follow.

And as a sign of faith, I’m taking those fucking sneakers out of the closet and will proudly wear them into the gym.

I at least owe you that.