The Last Thing We Care About

The past few weeks have been pretty heavy.

I detailed the journey of a woman who turned to weight training after her husband passed away at a young age and told you about another client who lost the trust and safety of the community he was trying to help.

I’ve often tried to relate stories about how the benefits and challenges of training manifest themselves off the gym floor and vice versa.

Many, many people walk through our doors initially looking for chiseled abs or strong shoulders. But, hopefully, after a short period of time, they learn that physical transformation is only the tip of the iceberg. How the skills, lessons, resilience, toughness and dare I say, fortitude, that you acquire through the suffering and sweating relate to your life outside the squat rack is the real benefit of training this way.

But I also realize that it’s a bit much to process. Hearing these stories week after week can be challenging at best and draining at worst.

So, this week, I want to hit the proverbial nail more directly on the head and reveal the one thing everyone seems to be worried about when they speak, meet or train with us for the first time that, frankly, we don’t care about at all.

How strong you are.

We realize that given our blogs, Instagram feed, reputation and all the other first impressions you might receive prior to training with us that we must really, truly care about how much weight you load on the bar.

In fact, I’ve had more than one potential client tell me that they want to start going to their own building gym before training with us because they want to get in some sort of shape first. Which, for the record, is insane. You are signing up to train with us so we can get you in shape in the most efficient and effective way possible. You’ve probably wasted loads of time trying to do it on your own or in other facilities without success. That’s why you called us. Just get started!

But back to the lecture at hand (Snoop Dogg shout out!), we don’t care or judge you by how strong you are when you begin training with us. There is no exclusive, once-per-week trainer meeting where we drink massive protein shakes and laugh and reminisce about how weak this client is or how slow that client is. It just doesn’t happen.

There will always be someone out there stronger than you. That applies to all of us. Except the world’s strongest person. And no one knows who that actually is.

Here’s what we do care about.

We want to make sure you are putting in a good effort and working to the best of your capabilities. Whatever those happen to be at any given time.

We want you to make progress. That over the weeks, months and sometimes years of training with us the needle is moving in the right direction. That gauge will be different for each person and will change the longer you train with us.

We want you to be consistent and show up on time and listen to the coaches so we can get you to where you want to go in the most efficient way possible.

And, yes, we want the things you learn on the training floor to enrich the rest of your life. It’s the secret sauce to the whole thing.

Will I stop sharing esoteric stories about how a man set a deadlift PR and then suddenly found himself unexpectedly speaking to the UN General Council? Or the proven tale of how petting 13 dogs on the way to the gym will shave eight seconds off your mile time? No.

But, every once in a while, I’ll lob one straight down the middle just to give you a breather.

And, with that spirit in mind, I’m even gonna lay off the typical, head-scratching last line that attempts to bring the whole article together.

Have a great week.