The Dreaded Unsub

I received more nice messages and compliments on my latest blog than I ever had before.

For those of you who haven’t tattooed my elegant prose on your arm, I’ll remind you that it was the one about my neighbor, the cancer doctor, his new car and why you should take control of your health while you can.

As someone who is probably better at revealing themselves through a keyboard than face-to-face, those emails and texts and conversations really mean a lot to me.

(Is this me fishing for more comments on my blog posts? Yes. Yes it is.)

I also had more people unsubscribe to my blog as a result of that post than I ever have before. Like three times the usual amount.

Unsubs (this is about as fancy as I get with the marketing lingo) used to really bum me out. How (HOW?!?) could people who were once interested in what I had to say or what the gym was all about no longer be interested?

Of course, people unsubscribe for all sorts of reasons. Most of which I shouldn’t have taken personally. But, yet, I did.

It wasn’t until I read a book by Seth Godin (marketing name drop!) that I completely changed my relationship with the unsubscribed list.

Godin is a big proponent of finding your tribe. The group of people who resonate with your message, your ideas and your philosophy. In Godin’s world, casting a big net is a mistake. Find the people who are interested in you. Keep talking to those people.

Not only does this make a lot of sense, it fully resonated with me because this is the zeitgeist of our entire gym.

We cannot, nor do we even try to, appeal to everyone. If you don’t want to train hard, if you want to be in a corner by yourself with your headphones on and your hoodie pulled up, if you don’t want to learn and get better and improve your knowledge and capabilities, if you don’t want to aggressively pursue your goals, this just isn’t the place for you.

Luckily, those types of gyms exist and they can accommodate people who want a less guided, more isolated training experience. That’s just not what we do here.

Just like this blog isn’t relegated to common fitness topics such as, I don’t know, “Three Ways To Get A Bubble Butt….Fast” or “Winter Training Looks That Are All The Rage”. I try to speak more to the big picture value of how training can impact your life rather than simple influencer clickbait. Hopefully that is what you stick around for.

And once this clicked in my brain I no longer dreaded the unsubscriber. Rather, it allowed me to focus my message on those who would embrace it the most. If you are reading this, I hope this is you.

If not, stick around. Maybe the next one will resonate. And if it doesn’t, feel free to hit the unsubscriber link. I won’t take it personally.

Cause, in the words of Taylor Swift, haters gonna hate.

And you know I love me some Taylor Swift.