I’ll Have What She’s Having

For my money, When Harry Met Sally is the greatest romantic comedy of all time.

You have Billy Crystal at the height of his powers. You have Meg Ryan establishing herself as the queen of rom-coms for the next 10 years. You have Rob Reiner in his run directing the most touching movies of decade (Don’t believe me? Watch Princess Bride, Stand By Me and Harry back to back and tell me how many feels you went through). And, maybe most importantly, you have Nora Ephron debuting her talents as the go-to writer for screen plays tackling the funny-yet-all-too-real interplay between men and women.

Honestly, Ephron’s one-liners in the hands of a master like Crystal are the highlight of the movie. The most famous of which comes at the culmination of a scene at Katz’s Deli where Meg Ryan’s Sally demonstrates how easy it is to fake an orgasm by, well, faking an orgasm in the middle of eating a pastrami sandwich. After gaining the attention of the entire restaurant we cut to an older woman (played by Reiner’s real life mother) about to order lunch who delivers the line “I’ll have what she’s having” in a complete deadpan.

It’s funny. It’s genius. As I’ve said, it’s by far the most famous line in the movie. But I don’t think it’s the line that truly defines it.

Nope, I think that line comes way later. Almost at the very end.

After 12 years of being friends and having on-again-off-again feelings for each other, Harry finally realizes (on New Year’s Eve, no less) that he is in love with Sally.

(Side note: there should be no “spoiler alert” necessary here. The movie is 30 years old at this point and if you haven’t seen it you are either a toddler or you have no soul)

So Sally is at this NYE party by herself feeling very self-conscious. Harry has his epiphany and runs through Manhattan to try to get to her before midnight to tell her his feelings. He makes it (!) and delivers an epic declaration of love.. He rattles through all the quirky things about Sally that he loves (“I love that you get cold when it’s 71 degrees outside. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich.”). He concludes with this:

“I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

That is my favorite line in the movie.

And since this blog is actually my own personal therapy session masked as some deep philosophical statement about training, I will satisfy my obligation as the author and tie this idea back to the gym.

I personally answer every email and meet with every client inquiring about membership at our facility. And after 4 years of going through that process one thing seems to be consistently true: people who are committed, who actually value training and, ultimately, get the most benefit from it are the ones who do not procrastinate about getting started.

“I have a business trip coming up. My daughter is about to graduate high school. Work is really busy right now. I’ve got a small tweak on my little toe. I’ve got a 5k coming up. I need to talk to the people at Equinox.”

These are the most reasonable excuses. I’ve literally heard them all.

Don’t get me wrong. There are reasons not to train with us. If the monthly cost is going to cause you to sacrifice, say, feeding your children you might want to make a different choice. Or if you just blew out your knee on a ski trip (side note: skiing is the snowy version of riding a motorcycle; you’re going to get hurt…it’s just a matter of time) you may want to take your rehab seriously before training with this level of intensity.

But, if you have the means and are relatively healthy I cannot suggest jumping in with both feet highly enough. You’ll feel invigorated starting something new with gusto and, in turn, get more out of it than the person who hems-and-haws and ends up 3 months behind where they could have been.

And there’s no proverbial gun to your head here. You don’t like it? Feel it was the wrong decision? Just stop coming. But at least you gave it an honest shot. Remember, when left to its own devices, life has a sneaky way of dragging you backwards. It’s up to you to surge ahead.

Because when you realize you want to start training, you should want that training to start as soon as possible.